Monthly Archives: June 2007

<p align=center>stooolen. =)) </br></br><u>every girl</u> wants <b>prince charming, but i’m <i>different</i></br> — prince <i>charming</i> may be<u>nice</u> and <b>all</b>, but i want a</br> <u>guy</u> who will <b>come</b> up from <u>behind</u>, put his arms</br> around <b>me</b>, and <b>whisper</b> in my ear that he loves me.</br> i want a guy that lays awake at night just thinking</br> about me … a guy who’ll <i>cal</i>l at like three in the</br> <i>morning</i> just to tell me how much he <b>misses</b> me,</br> and he’d come over just after we get off the phone</br> because he wants to know how i’m really doing;</br> because i said i was fine but we both know i was </br>lying. he’d kiss me on my <b>forehead</b>, and tell me that</br> everythings gonna be <b>alright.</b> he may not be prince </br>charming to anyone else. but in <u>my</u> <b>eyes</b> . . .</p>