Quotes. :))

I stole everything, btw. 😉
I can’t say “screw him” about the boy that I came the closest to loving. I would still do anything for him even though I know he wouldn’t do the same for me, & it hurts more than anything, but I can’t stop loving him. Belive me, I’ve tried. Once in a lifetime you find your reason for living. You find the one who makes your every dream come true. Though I could search theworld forever, no one else would compare because only once in a lifetime you find someone like you

If you truly missed me, you’d call everydayjust so you wouldn’t forget my voice.

im smiling& laughing with all my friends,then I notice you. As my smile quickly fades,I wonder if you can really tell what I`m feeling. I wonder if deep down hidden beneath my smiles,you can see my broken heart. I wonder if maybe youre feeling the same way.

When we’re old ladies, We’ll still be best friends We’ll be chillin in the nursinghome saying “yo, remember when”

Your the guy who makesme runinto thingsbecause I’m alwayslooking at you

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